Our superior Ultrasonic Cavitation machines offer treatment designed to
destroy fat cells in the subcutaneous epidermal layer through ultrasonic
sound waves. It offers a pain free and non-invasive solution for those of us who
may not be comfortable with associated risks from surgical procedures.

Benefits of treatment
• Stimulates the lymphatic system
• Increases metabolism
• Dehydrates and decomposes fatty tissue
• Removes stored toxins from cells
• Increases blood flow through the treated area
• Triggers the body’s natural chemicals to encourage anti-ageing of the skin to take place
• Stimulates energy production
• Fat and circumference reduction
• Body Shaping
• Non – Surgical, no down time, safe, comfortable & pain free
• Long lasting results

Do I need to do anything to prepare for the treatment?
Make the most of your treatment by eating healthy and exercising on the day of the treatment. It is essential that on the day of the treatment you eat only vegetables, salads and very lean protein (e.g. fish, chicken/turkey breast etc.) in order to burn the released fat and make the most of your treatment.
Any type of starch (including the so-called “good carbs” such as brown rice, brown bread, potatoes, pasta etc.), sugary food and drinks (such as cakes, croissants, muffins, coffee/tea with sugar or honey etc.), fruits (including fruit juices, carrot juice and smoothies), alcohol, and fat of any kind (including oils, nuts, seeds and cheese) are not allowed on the day of the treatment, to prevent the body from re-depositing excess fat back into the fat cells. Furthermore, vigorous exercise before or after the treatment is ideal for even more pronounced results.

Before and after treatment:
• Drink at least 2 liters of water both before and the day after your treatment
• Do not drink ANY alcohol or caffeine the day of, as well as 48 hours after your treatment
• Use Dry Skin Brushing daily to stimulate lymph movement
• Avoid hot showers, spas and saunas directly following treatment
• Following treatment, it is recommended to do at least 20 minutes of brisk exercise to stimulate lymph movement for the best results

Treatments use a holistic approach to get the best results. When these measures of diet, exercise, and Ultrasound Cavitation sessions are followed you will achieve better results than any one measure used alone.